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Quality doesn't just happen!

What I offer you is:

  • top level performance
  • critical analysis of the source material
  • attention to detail
  • a high level of commitment
  • identification with your products and services
  • a sense of responsibility for what I do and how I do it

Well written texts do not happen by chance. They result from a combination of appropriate professional qualification, experience, commitment to top quality, and last but not least teamwork and the cooperation of all involved.

The old adage which holds that cooperative patients experience better outcomes is also true for writing and editing medical/scientific texts. I do not see myself as a translation or writing machine but rather as an integrated service partner for your company. Relying on your support, I am committed to achieving optimal results which are tailored to your individual needs and those of your customers.

For some suggestions as to what you can do to enhance the quality of medical translations and get the most out of translation services please read the article Translation-Friendly Source Texts, which you can download as PDF file. For a short review of the information required by the translator please see the Checklist for Translations.