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Source languages: German, English, French

Target languages: German, English, French

Since quality is important to me translation services are only offered for language combinations where I can submit translations to rigorous quality control.

Text Types

The most common text types I translate include:

  • Package inserts for pharmaceuticals
  • Scientific articles and presentations
  • Documents for clinical studies
    • Study protocols
    • Informed consent forms
    • Case record forms
    • Investigator drug brochures
    • Clinical study reports
  • Educational materials for patients and health care professionals
  • Instructions for use for in vitro diagnostics
  • Operating instructions and manuals for medical devices
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Press releases
  • Product brochures, catalogues and web sites

The Translation Process

A brief outline of my translation and quality control processes:

  • Obtaining information on the project and specific client/project requirements including the time frame, target audience, reference materials, guidelines on style and format, and, if applicable, contact details of a person or persons who may be contacted for clarification of questions
  • Terminology research, and, if applicable, glossary compilation
  • Clarification of any parts of the text which are ambiguous or not clearly understood
  • Initial draft translation
  • Editing by translator: review of completeness, accuracy, grammar, syntax, spelling, style and readability
  • Final proofreading by translator: checking for typos etc. using professional spell checking software
  • Third party review by a second at least equally qualified translator, if applicable
  • Review by client, if applicable
  • Incorporation of changes suggested by client, if applicable

Translator Qualifications

Translations provided by AKF Medical Language Services are performed by myself or other similarly qualified translators with proven linguistic qualifications and appropriate medical/pharmaceutical background and experience.

What You Can Do to Enhance the Quality of Translations

I will always strive to provide the best possible quality even under difficult circumstances. As a general rule, however, it can be said that well written source texts save time and effort and reduce the potential for flaws in the translation. In the article Translation-Friendly Source Texts I have addressed some issues which render the work of the translator more difficult and may lead to errors and mistranslation. For a short review of information required for translations please see the Checklist for Translations. Thank you in advance for taking the time to examine these suggestions and complete the checklist in order to help me and my colleagues to achieve the best possible quality when translating your texts.

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